Bathroom Vanity

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Who puts carpet in a water closet?  Not the current owner, but it was like that when they moved in and it must have been original to the house.  The master suite has a open floor plan and the photo(9) (428x640)bedroom and bath spaces share a room, but are separated by a bank of closets.  The floor plan gives a spacious feeling to the room, but the lack of more obvious boundaries (such as doors) to delineate the various spaces within the suite made it difficult to decide where to draw the lines.  The project budget ultimately decided how far to go with the tile; and I replaced the carpet with tile in the water closet and in front of the vanity for a nice update to the master bath, not to mention a more sanitary and practical floor covering for such a location.  The layout of the new maple cabinets was basically the same, but tweaked to accommodate a second sink with drawers worked in below the plumbing for added storage.  The client and I picked a manufactured stone remnant at a local yard and had the sinks under mounted.


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